2016 Dixon California Fastest Trowel Competition


Fastest Trowel Team Prizes:

 First Place                          $2,000.00

 Second Place                     $1,000.00

 Third Place                           $500.00

 Consolation                          $225.00


Please mail, fax, or email application to:

Basalite Concrete Products

605 Industrial Way

Dixon, CA  95620

Attention: Lynette Boen


FAX# 707-678-6268



Hosted by:

Basalite Concrete Products

605 Industrial Way

Dixon, CA  95620

Contest to be held:

Saturday, October 1, 2016

 7:30 am – Check-in

 8:00 am – Set-up

 9:30 am – Start Fastest Trowel contest

Other Fun Festivities:

“Senior” contest (min. 3 teams required)

Apprentice Skills challenges

MITA student competition

Free food

Live band

Fun for the whole family!


The mason must lift each block from no more than five stacks of block and all trowels of mortar from no more than four spot boards.  These stacks and boards must be set out along the length of the wall in usual working fashion by the contests and helpers.  No more than two helpers will be allowed per contestant.  Any assistance from these helpers in placing block in the contestant’s wall, transferring mortar from the spot boards to the wall, applying mortar to the blocks or handling the blocks from the stacks to the mason will result in disqualification of the team.  The tenders or helpers can keep the stacks of block replenished and can place the block on the stack in any way the mason wants.  Once the mason has touched a block, the helpers cannot touch that block again.  Helpers can keep the mortar boards full but cannot touch any of the mason’s tools such as levels, lines, pins, etc.

A string line must be used. The wall must be cut flush on both sides prior to laying the next course.  Points will be deducted for true and workmanship for any completed courses not cut.  At the end of twenty minutes, the mason must stop laying block.

There will be a two minute break.  A coin will be tossed at the end of the block laying portion of the competition to determine which side of the wall will be judged for voids and workmanship – the side facing the mortar boards, or the side not facing the mortar boards.  All contestants will be judged for voids and workmanship on that side of the wall and the jambs.  All other requirements will be judged on the opposite face of the wall while the contestant is striking the face to be judged for voids and workmanship.

Contestants will place trigs at the top of the base course and at the top of the third competition course at each end of the wall for judging story.  Trigs will be placed on the side of the wall not being judged for voids and workmanship.

All contestants will be allowed three minutes to strike the wall prior to judging voids and workmanship.  Brushing and sponging the wall are not allowed during this time.  The purpose of this three minute period is the improvement of voids, using only the jointer (hand jointer, sled runner, or both but only one at a time).  Mortar can be used; however, contestants cannot use their trowel at this time.  Other than striking and tooling of joints, no additional corrections to the wall will be permitted.


Saturday, October 1, 2016

Check-in – 7:30 AM


Basalite Concrete Products

605 Industrial Way

Dixon, CA  95620




The Competition

The goal of the contest is to complete as much as possible of a 24-foot long wall of 8”x8”x16” concrete masonry units during a 20-minute round with a high degree of quality workmanship using standard masonry practices and hand tools. 

Competition Date and Location

The competition will be held on Saturday, October 1, 2016.  The start gun will ring out at 9:30 am sharp.  Mandatory check-in for all contestants is 7:30 am.  The competition will be held at Basalite Concrete products in Dixon, CA.  Announcements of the winners will be made at “high noon”.

Entry Requirements

To enter the competition a mason must complete the entry form.  No contestant will be allowed to compete in the competition unless the contestant’s registration form is on file at Basalite Concrete Products, 605 Industrial Way, Dixon, CA  95620.  Fax # 707-678-6268

In the competition each contestant will use the same weight block and the same mortar, supplied by Basalite.  Concrete masonry units will be a standard, 8” x 8” x 16”.

Contestants will have 30 to 45 minutes before the start of the contest period to work with the mortar, locate and determine the height of the mortar boards, and finalize the locations of the block stacks.  During this time period the contestant will also lay a 24-foot base course and check the alignment.  The block in the base course will not be counted in the contest.  The base course must be all full size units.  No half units will be allowed in the base course.

The competition course will start and end with half units.  The entire wall is to be constructed to have an actual finished length of 24 feet.  Each team will be responsible for dismantling their wall and restacking their block after the judging is completed.

The only allowable tools to be used during the competition are:  trowel(s), string line, jump boards, jointers, trigs, line pins, blocks or dogs and sled runners.  The use of any and all other tools is prohibited, unless approved prior to competition.

Scaffolding is not allowed.  If the contestant determines that there is a need for a jump board to achieve the maximum height, jump boards may be placed on a single 8” height of 8”x8”x16” concrete masonry units.  The jump boards must be placed in a safe manner that does not interfere with other contestants and provides a stable and safe support for the contestant.  All jump boards must be furnished by the contestant.

Four mortar boards will be provided.  If a contestant wishes, a different type of mortar board or a mortar pan may be used, but contestants must provide their own equipment.

Levels are to be provided by the contestant and left on the wall upon completion for use in judging.  Either one or two levels can be used.  4’ levels are mandatory for use in judging.  If a contestant wishes, another length level (3’) may be used during the actual competition.  A 4’ level must be provided for use by the judges.

Contestants are responsible for raising the leads at each end of the wall, securing the line and pins/corner blocks, and for running each course of block.  The use of metal, timber, or other end profile posts or prepared block is prohibited.

“Senior” Division

The “Senior” division is for masons 55 years old or older.  All Fastest Trowel rules will be used with the exception of the size of block used.  The “seniors” will use a 4” high block instead of an 8” high block. 

Prize money:        First Place              $500.00

                            Second Place         $250.00

                            Third Place            $100.00

(Minimum of 3 teams required)



Fax# 707-678-6268


Contestant Name:                                                                   


Mason Contractor:                                                                 


Best contact phone #                                                             


Years as an Active Journeyman Mason:                              


“Senior” Applicant (55 or older)          YES                  NO


This application represents a call for entries only.  All applications for participation must be received no later than Friday, September 23, 2016.

Participants chosen for the Fastest Trowel competition will be notified no later than Tuesday, September 27th, so proper arrangements can be made.

Please call the Fastest Trowel coordinator, Dale Piwinski at 707-678-7980 if you have any questions regarding the competition.