Architects / Designers

Designing and building with Basalite Masonry products produces sustainable projects that are affordable, attractive and safe. Here you can find all the resources about our Masonry Systems and utilize tools to get your design from concept to reality.

Find out how masonry fits into modern design/build projects. A quick snapshot on everything Masonry.
Basalite’s masonry products offer sustainability, energy efficiency, durability and are aesthetically pleasing. See Basalite’s vast line of Masonry products.

Why Masonry?

It just makes sense. Designing and building with Basalite Concrete Masonry Systems is the right choice for today's architects. Find out why.

Ready to Design

Our Masonry Design Tool will allow you to select textures, color combinations and mortars. Once selected you can print out a specification-ready color sample page, send physical samples to your location or request a consultation with a Basalite Masonry Professional based on your selections. The Masonry 3-Part Specification is an automated tool that allows you to select your specific masonry design requirements and drop into your master specification.

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