Amerimix AMX 400 Portland Cement, Lime and Sand Mortar is a factory blend of portland cement, hydrated lime, and dried sand with a formulation engineered to provide long water retention, exceptional workability and superior bond strength over masonry substrates.
• Factory blended under controlled conditions for mix consistency
• High bond strength
• Extended mortar board life, less re-tempering required
• Increased yield compared to typical field mix mortars
• May be pigmented



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One 80 lb. bag yields approximately .78 cu. ft and will lay up to 20 concrete blocks or 45 standard bricks with 3/8” mortar joints, or 17 sq. ft. of manufactured stone. One 3,000 lb. bulk bag will lay up to 750 concrete blocks or 1690 standard bricks.

• Interior or exterior applications
• Above or below grade
• Laying or resetting brick, block and stone
• For all masonry veneer work

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